Sunday, April 5, 2009

Schick Quattro And Your Shrinking Bush For $10.99

Okay. We are going to talk about your bikini line, ladies.

We didn't even want to go there, but the clever and dopey folks at Schick Quattro, have thrown the ball in our court, so here we go......

We were half asleep on the couch last night, barely watching a program on VH-1. Suddenly an ad came on, showing various women going through their day, and curiously, bushes and shrubbery around them, shrinking and shrinking.

So that's the commercial everyone's been buzzing about?! Duh!!! We get it. It's time to, er, Mow the lawn," as one of the Schick Quattro for Women ads have been coyly referring to.

If you're still in a hairy fog about this, let us explain further. The ads are supposed to be a smart way of telling women out there, that Shick Quattro has a special, new razor for trimming your pubic hair. Yeah. That's right. The advertising agency thought that 'shrinking bushes' might be a great clue, since it isn't easy talking about a woman's hair down there over the public airways.

Well, we're not sure about the ad and the analogies, but, the product has gotten lots of buzz, so from a marketing standpoint, the advertising company has surely done its job.

Let's take a look at Schick Quattro for Women Trim Style Razor & Bikini Trimmer. It sells for $10.99 at your local drugstore. In the package, you receive:

1 blade
1 battery
1 razor
1 holder

There are 3 adjustments you can make to the trimmer, depending on hair length desired in the bikini line area.

As one woman quipped, "If this razor comes with a vibrator, they'll be flying off store shelves!"

Hey, we didn't say it.


Belinda R. said...

EW! Im a bit offended, by the slick least Shick thinks theyr smart.Couldn't they have come up with a better ad...I mean shrubs. GROSS!

Anonymous said...

I agree.kinda vulgar ads.