Thursday, October 8, 2009

Green With Envy Over Chanel's New Jade 407 Nail Shade

We know you want it, too. We're talking about Jade 407 ($25), Chanel's new limited edition le vernis nail color. The soft, minty shade has knocked the socks off of everyone, ever since Chanel sent its models wearing it down the Fall 2009 runway.

Good luck if you can hunt some down, because it seems everybody in town wants to rock this beautiful jade shade. And if you can find a bottle, others will be green with envy, because it has been sold-out for some time at and Chanel boutiques.

Sure, we tried, but we could only locate Jade's sister polish, Jade Rose 493. The favorite appears to be the Jade shade. Jade Rose is available at most Chanel stores and even online. The color is best described as a soft pinky-beige. Ebay was selling Jade Rose for $43.97, free shipping. But you save $$$ by buying it directly from Chanel.

We have to be honest, Chanel's Jade 407 is quite attractive. Take a closer look at the photo, courtesy of Vogue.comUK. This is the nail polish shade of the season!

And to see both Jade and Jade Rose up close and personal, check out Steph's Closet. Steph has done a beautiful job of showcasing Chanel 407 and 493.

Sure there will be some nice nail polish copy-cats. Some have suggested Mac's Peppermint Patti,which was out before the Chanel Jade 407, as far as we know. It's from Mac's Sugarsweet collection. It, too, is a hard minty green shade to locate. But we found some at, selling for $32.99 - $52.00! Oh my!!

At the moment, we, too, are green with envy. Our nails are bare. Very bare.


Lovin'Chanel said...

Good article.But the MAC Peppermint Patti is not as pretty a colour as the Chanel Jade 407. Stick with Chanel. They make the best colours!

ChristyM said...

Just not loving the Chanel Jade 407. Not a huge fan. I 'd rather wear the Jade Rose even htough that shade doesn't take my breath away either.