Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sexy Smoky Eyes In 4 Simple Steps--New Maybelline ExpertWear

Let's look at the fashionable facts:
Sexy, smoky eyes are bigger than ever this fall and winter, through 2010. Just check out the models on the runways.

But let's also look at another fashionable fact:
Creating a sexy, smoky eye, is not simple to do. Until now. Sure, makeup artists make it look so-ooo easy. A little smudge along here, and a highlight up there, etc.

Thanks to Maybelline's new ExpertWear Stylish Smokes Eyeshadow collection, the guesswork has been eliminated. Instead, you get a pretty 4-shade palette in a simple 4-step plan.

In other words, each eyeshadow shade in the quad is labeled: lid. crease. brow bone. outer corner.

Forgive our pixel, digital disarray here. We wanted to enlarge the Maybelline ad, so you could easily observe which shadows go where. It's similar to painting-by-numbers. Remember that? We did an earlier article last year about Cargo makeup's 4-step eyeshadow palette. It, too, had each shade in the quad labeled for application to each area of the eye.

The Maybelline ad here, shows model Christy Turlington rockin' the new ExpertWear Stylish Smokes Eyeshadow in Charcoal Smokes. And this quad is our favorite. It's really soft and lovely.

The ExpertWear Stylish Smokes come in '56 dazzling colors, 3 sumptuous finishes: matte, shimmer and high-pearl.' Just $4.99, drugstores.

What we also adore about Maybelline makeup is its wonderful website, where you can explore their makeup video-how-tos, FAQs, and makeup studio-virtual makeovers. Just visit

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