Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How To Pick The Right Blush For That Rosy Glow

Yes, we could all use a little blush.

You've read about it here, time and time again:
Blush. Cheek color. According to legendary makeup artist Sandy Linter, it's THE most important cosmetic to use every day. "It shows off your bone structure and gives your face depth and warmth."

Blush gives you a healthy glow
. Even if you rush out the door without making a bother, Sandy says to run back in just for a couple of quick swipes of blush.

And yet, some of us find blush, cheek color, a bit intimidating. Find the apples of your cheek, and simply apply there, the pros tell us. Hmmm. Not always that easy. Over-do the blush, and you can look clownish, even doll-like.

When it comes to cheek color, well, that's another complexity thrown in. We all have unique skin tones. So where do we go from here?

Let's take a look at one of Smashbox's popular beauty products: Smashbox O-Glow ($26, at makeup stores like Sephora, or . This is a clear gel you apply onto your cheeks with your fingertips. And it delivers a naturally-pink hued gel cheek color.

O-Glow is a universally-flattering cheek blush, in a way. The cheek color looks individually pretty on each face across the globe. Really?!

Oh we go again with these so-called 'universally flattering' makeup products. But Smashbox claims this intuitive cheek color reacts with your personal skin chemistry to transform from a silky clear gel into the shade you blush naturally.

We don't want to criticize a super makeup giant like Smashbox, but this natural-looking pink flush of color appears to be the same rosy hue for everyone and everything. Go ahead---apply the O-Glow to a piece of paper. It's the same shade when you apply it to your cheeks.

The good news: The blush is a lovely 'naturally-pink hued gel cheek color.' It is soft and attractive. Not a powder, so it's fresher-looking. And we like that O-Glow is formulated with Smashbox's 'exclusive Goji Berry-C Complex™, ginkgo biloba, pomegranate seed for antioxidant protection, and revitalizing marine botanicals for added healthy-skin benefits.'

O-Glow picked up 4 stars out of 5 stars by women at the Sephora beauty website. Here's a sampling of one recent review:

"...I apply a tiny drop over the apples of my cheeks and quickly blend out; it's bright pink for a moment but then it softens to my natural shade. The texture is nice too; the gel feels almost powdery so you don't have to wait for it to sink in. I apply it first, even before concealer, so that it doesn't brighten any red spots. And, to top it off, it doesn't make my ridiculously sensitive skin break out. I can't even imagine using another blush now that I've tried this."

Don't ask us exactly where to apply our blush. We're still trying to figure that one out. We just smile and assume we're hitting the 'apples.'

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Ouidad said...

These products are actually really flattering. You’re right it can be a concern that they’ll
be too pink but the O-Glow really does what it says! So does the lipgloss!
Linda for Ouidad