Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Try LimeLight Laser To Gently Zap Sun And Brown Spots

If your skin is just about perfect, then you don't have to read this. You are already in the 'limelight.'

But if you have a few facial spots or actually, spots anywhere on your body that you would like to make disappear or lessen in appearance, then read on.

For instance, we have a maze of small sun freckles dotting our decolette area--- you know, the skin below the neck and above the breasts. Too much sun exposure in our youth.

Or maybe you have one or more of these:

Uneven pigmentation
Brown spots from sun damage
Broken capillaries
Enlarged pores

Age spots
Acne scarring
Dull complexion


Then you are probably a fine candidate for an effective and non-invasive skin care procedure done by a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon. It's called the LimeLight PhotoFacial. And what it does, is use a light laser to zero in on a problem area of skin. The laser delivers a gentle pulse of light and, within one to three weeks, the zapped spot will flake off or fade.

The most popular locations targeted include the face, neck, shoulders, chest, and arms.

And dermatologists say that dramatic results are normally achieved after one or two LimeLight PhotoFacial treatments. For very large or dark spots, additional treatments may be required.

There really isn't any pain involved. When the light is applied to the problem area, a mild pinching sensation has been noted by some patients. Other than that, no topical anesthetic is required, and there is no down time.

A date with the LimeLight PhotoFacial generally costs about $500 a visit. We like that, if you can tackle a bad spot in one shot. Especially for those of you tired of applying bleaching agents like expensive prescription hydroquinone, this could be a painless procedure to get your face back in the limelight.