Sunday, October 4, 2009

Michelle Obama Sporting Toywatch And Marching To The Beat Of Fashion

Let's face it.......we watch Michelle Obama, the First Lady, very carefully. Women tend to do that.

We want her well-toned and bare arms, her graciousness, her confidence, and her happy family life. And let's also admit, we like Michelle Obama's style.

When Michelle Obama is wearing it, "it" becomes instant gold. And the item sells out immediately.

The First Lady has an eye for fashion, a no-nonsense attitude, and can spot a great trend. Take a look at the gorgeous, but affordable piece of jewelry she has been sporting on her wrist. Trust us, this one is going to be big for Christmas!

It's the Neon Plasteramic Watch in Ultra Violet by toy watch. And it's available in a variety of colors, like Atomic Orange and Plutonium Pink. Price: $195.

Michelle Obama isn't the only one loving toywatches. These famous people also wear them:
Oprah, Madonna, Clive Owen, Jessica Alba, and Owen Wilson, to name a few.

The First Lady loves to shop online. It's quick, convenient, and trendy. Who can forget the impact she has made by wearing J. Crew and dressing her daughters in the popular clothing brand. Even the well-respected US News & World Report was talking about it.

The beauty of it, is Michelle Obama's accessible glamour. She isn't out of reach for today's modern woman. Women can relate to her. The 45-year-old First Lady told People magazine, "I don't consider myself a fashionista." But many of us would surely beg to differ.

The First Lady has been giving a bounce to the fashion retail industry, by choosing to wear certain brands and trends. And now she's making headlines for toywatch timepieces. People will continue to 'watch' Michelle Obama. Not only women here at home, but designers, store buyers, shoppers and stock investors, according to an interesting Time Magazine article.

We look forward to more First lady fashion!

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U2fan said...

Got 1 in the pink. These watches are beautiful and big face!
Luv it!!!