Monday, February 1, 2010

Beautiful Hair Tips From Master Colorist And Shear Genius' Kim Vo

Kim Vo is a true artist. And every head of hair he touches is a reflection of his knowledge of color, his passion, and his enormous sense of style.

Kim Vo is a master colorist to the A-listers in Hollywood like Katherine Heigl, Britney Spears, and a long list of gorgeous movie stars. And although our interview was brief, and we did not actually get to meet the colorist in person, we did learn quite a bit about this gentle and compassionate man.

His background is in art, and color was the 'language' he was drawn to. Kim Vo was born in Vietnam. Although he spoke both French and Vietnamese, English was his third language. "When I came to the states I was challenged by English. Painting with oils on canvas then progressed into haircolor. Color is the language of beauty," Kim Vo explains.

During our interview, Kim Vo taught us a lot about hair color and its complexities, and graciously gave us some beautiful hair tips. He's quite poetic about color in nature and how a woman's head of hair reflects that richness.

1. Which head of hair poses the biggest challenges for coloring---blonde, brunette, black, or red? And why.

Kim Vo: Although blondes are very tricky, not all blondes are created equal. Matching skin tones is crucial to create the perfect blonde. The biggest challenge are reds. The red color molecule is the smallest of all colors. It's like a tropical rainstorm. It's tempest and dramatic at first and then quickly fades.

2. So then, is skin tone the most important factor when considering hair color? And can u give us tips?

Kim Vo: Skin tone is the most important factor in deciding your perfect color. It takes a professional eye to determine, but for a simple read, use the veins on your wrist. If your veins are blue, warm tones like chestnut and auburn tones are for you. If your veins are more green, caramel and golden hues will compliment you. If your veins are blue/green, then warm and cool tones can be added seamlessly.

3. Women do color at home. Is there any brand you would recommend, if you want to brighten hair color or cover grays?

Kim Vo: The rule of thumb for at home color is--- the least amount of time to process, is healthiest for the hair. Clairol perfect 10 is perfect for clients that want shine and grey coverage w/ out the risk of over processing.

4. Is it ever okay to get a perm and get permanent color? Or, are both processes too harsh?

Kim Vo: A perm and a permanent color in a same day process is like killing a fly with a shotgun. A perfect alternative is a semi/demi- permanent color. This will provide rich, shiny, longlasting color.

5. Any tips about maintaining color? Is it true a vinegar rinse right after coloring keeps dye in longer?

Kim Vo: The best way to maintain color is to not re-shampoo for 36 hours. Hair is like bacon, it keeps cooking after it is off the grill. Vinegar can help to stabilize the alkaline in haircolor, but simple sealers are the best alternative. They are ammonia free toners that neutralize and give hair shine.

6. Tell us about your Kim Vo hair line. Which product is your favorite and why?

Kim Vo: The Kim Vo product line is created from a colorist's point of view. It is for natural or chemically treated hair. If I were on an island with only two products, they would be my Moisturizing Masque and my Radiance Creme. Both are moisture packed and would make any stranded person style-savvy.

7. Okay, let's dish....give us the name of one celebrity, whose hair you would love to style?

Kim Vo: Carrie Underwood's. I have a soft spot for blondes and music.

We are all very excited about 'Shear Genius 3' on Bravo this Wednesday, Feb. 3rd at 10 PM. Twelve new stylists are armed and ready to 'blow away' the competition!

8. We hear there are quite a few changes for your popular show. Camila Alves will be hosting. And celebrity stylist Jonathan Antin will join you at the judges' table.

Kim Vo: Yes to all of the above! The goal this year was to turn up the heat, the candidates are under a lot more pressure. Exciting stuff!!

9. And lastly, what are the trends for hair color and style in 2010? Is the Mariah spiral out? in, etc?

Kim Vo: The trends in color for 2010 for blondes are the sunset golden blonde that reflects boho color. Great example-- Blake Lively. For brunettes, Penelope Cruz strikes a perfect balance with a rich base and light caramel ends. For reds, Amy Adams radiates a girl-next-door approachable color. Spiral curls are out, but tousled and no frizz are in, beach inspired. Grow out that short hair!! Forget the bob, introducing the “LOB”. A grown out bob with long layers.

Some beautiful hair tips by one of the best in the business. Thank you, Kim Vo. We can't wait for Shear Genius 3!!


lissa said...

Luved your article about Kim Vo!
I'm a redhead and what he says about that color is so true!

bella1 said...

I love KimVo. Wish he could do my blonde highlights. I so love Kathrine Heigel's hair. Cant wait for Shear Genius Wed. nite!

del said...

loved the show last nite!!!
great to see jonathon antin back to.
kim vo is THE best!