Thursday, February 25, 2010

Model Gisele Bundchen Gets Back Skinny Body By Working Out In Pool

Gisele Bundchen. Super long legs on a size 4 frame. Who wouldn't want her beautiful body?!
A baby boy named Benjamin arrives in December......and already, the model from Brazil is back in supermodel shape.

Her secret? Water resistance. Working out in a pool. It's called the Brazilian Body Surf program, and Gisele was reportedly doing the surf during her pregnancy. Smart girl! At least that is what the Boston Herald was reporting.

What exactly is the Brazilian Body Surf? According to the website Equinox, it's a combination of cardiovascular and muscle conditioning drills taught using water resistance.

Gisele's personal trainer is Leandro Carvalho. And he told the Herald, that Gisele was active to begin with, which can only help a woman's body bounce back from pregnancy. She was in "very, very" good shape throughout her pregnancy, in part due to the "very athletic" workouts, which he believes are super for muscle tone.

When we've seen photos of Gisele with her husband Tom Brady, quarterback for the New England Patriots, the couple always seem to be at the beach, in the water. Gisele isn't afraid to get her hair wet.

The supermodel also does yoga and meditation, which served her well during the labor and birthing process. And according to Quem, a Brazilian magazine, Gisele was back on her feet immediately. She was "washing the dishes and making pancakes" just two days after giving birth. Hmm. Sexy show-off.

Gisele didn't have much need for maternity fashions, either.
"I gained a little, but I kept using almost the same clothes, with minor adjustments to close in the belly," she told Brazilian newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo Veja.

Yeah.....Don't hate her because she's beautiful....Gisele Bundchen was back at her old job just six weeks after giving birth, modeling for Brazilian fashion line Colcci (photo).

Now that's impressive.


Anonymous said...

she looks amazing but i like giselle better when she's blonder.

Anonymous said...

Sorry don't find her impressive. Never have.