Thursday, February 4, 2010

Let's Shake Weight Our Way To Lean Sexy Arms For Summer

Lean, sexy arms, ladies! And if that is your mission in 2010, we can get you there by the summer. Maybe you can even Shake Weight your way. More about that later.

If we start now, those arms will be looking firmer and fitter in weeks. But exercise is a must. You cannot get away with lean, sexy arms by not doing strengthening workouts. Look at First Lady Michelle Obama, a year ago at her husband's inauguration party. Michelle Obama hits the gym every morning and the proof is in those trademark sleeveless fashions she wears.

If you want attractive, sculpted arms, you have to target certain muscles. We have written about this before, and it's all worth repeating:

Developing the triceps muscle is the key to a nicely toned arm. Where are the triceps located? We like to call that area the 'dingle-dangle.' Yep. That's the flabby part you can feel under the arm. One of the toughest places to firm up. When you go to raise your hand and wave good-bye, you can feel that muscle flapping in the breeze. Well, hopefully, not too much.
The triceps muscle can best be described this way by

"The triceps are probably the most important muscle to develop when you want to achieve firm toned arms. The reason for this is that the tricep muscle takes up 2/3 of the arm. If it is underdeveloped it looks wobbly and soft but when it is firm and lean it makes the whole arm look that way."

You can't just exercise your arms for two weeks and expect big changes. The triceps and biceps muscles need to engage in resistance exercises continuously. If you want toned arms with a little 'cut' in them, you're going to have to adopt this regimen as part of your life.

You can create lean, sexy arms by jumping rope, doing push-ups, jogging, boxing, and working out with small dumbbells (3-5 lbs. each).

Or you can try Shake Weight ($19.99) and "tone your entire upper body in just 6 minutes a day!"

Maybe you've seen the infomercials or heard about this new concept in workout technology, called dynamic inertia. An exercise physiologist explained it like this: "One of the reasons Shake Weight works, is that recent exercise research shows short bursts of faster movements can burn more fat than long slower movements. The muscle has to fire and then stop and then fire again."

The Shake Weight company says their little device, which weighs only 2 1/2 lbs and measures 13" long, "constantly engages your upper body muscles while you hold it. It ignites the muscles in your arms, shoulders and chest, so you will feel them tightening and toning instantly."

And according to the Shake Weight website, Scientific studies prove that the Shake Weight™ increases upper body muscle activity by more than 300% compared to traditional weights.

You can laugh all you want, but we will definitely try this one. It might look a little strange to 'shake weight', but the science appears to be promising!


mama4 said...

I'm not laughing. I bought one 2 months ago, and I think it is making a difference. U can really feel the burn. It's a unique technology.

78912 said...
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