Saturday, February 20, 2010

Chunky Hair Highlights Emerge At NY Fashion Week And Angelina Already Wearing

Ladies...Angelina Jolie knows this is a hot trend for spring/summer 2010. The beautiful, 34-year-old actress was already wearing some chunky highlights while in Italy a few days ago. Hers were a soft, honey blonde. But not for dark-haired gals. If your base color is a medium or light brown, then you're good to go!

If your hair is very dark, well, it can look 'skunk-y' if you go for too light a highlight.

Of course, blonde wasn't the only highlight shade on the runways for NY Fashion Week. There was a punk vibe being re-visited. Cynthia Rowley's show featured some light turquoise highlights woven throughout the models' hair. These were custom color hair extensions. And there were more bright, bold highlights in jewel colors like amethyst and emerald.

Best to go subtle, when it comes to highlights. And best to leave the job to the pros.

Think stripes this spring. You can get a totally new look with some chunky highlights. We wonder if Brad is loving Angie's new do! How could he not.

P.S. Angelina, Brad, and their adorable six kids are in Venice where mama Jolie is filming her new movie, The Tourist, alongside Johnny Depp. We're not sure if the chunky highlights are part of her movie character's appearance, but Angelina has changed her hair in the past for some juicy movie roles.


Unknown said...

Love Angie's hairstyle and a big WOW on her highlights...might have just persuaded me to do the same!!!

shar said...

LUV Angalena's hair!!Those hilights are really cute on her. I want some to!

Unknown said...

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