Friday, February 12, 2010

How To Lose Weight Quickly Like Black Eyed Peas' Fergie

Wow! Look at the body on Fergie. The 34-year-old singer of the Black Eyed Peas wore this curve-hugging electric blue Pucci dress at the recent 2010 Grammy Awards show.

And Fergie was workin' the mini. Why not? She has lost 17 lbs. since appearing in the movie musical Nine. In the hit flick, Fergie played a curvaceous prostitute, so she was asked to pack on the lbs. She looks incredible now, with those gorgeous legs and the addition of some auburn highlights to her dark hair.

So, you ask, how does one get a figure like Fergie?

Through hard work of exercise and diet. Yes, she actually watches what she eats, and that is the key to quick weight loss and the huge amount of energy she needs when performing as an artist.

And it wasn't one of those fad diets for lovely Fergie. We have learned through her nutritionist and trainer, Carrie Wiatt, that the star stuck to a 1,600 calorie-per-day diet. No Doritos on this plan. It's all healthy and delicious:

"She usually opts for hunger-blasting ingredients like protein-rich chicken, omega-3-rich pine nuts, fiber-filled grapefruit and healthy fats from avocado," says Carrie Wiatt.

And Fergie cuts back at night, no carbo-loading. "Fergie restricts her carb intake at night," Carrie Wiatt told "Life & Style" magazine. "That means avoiding carbs at dinner and doubling up on veggies -- and having three small snacks during the day to prevent overeating at mealtimes."

And when it comes to working out, Fergie is right there walking on an incline on the treadmill, concentrating on her butt. She does lots of exercises designed to keep her famous assets tight and toned.

You can learn more about Fergie's successful weightloss and exercise routine in the latest issue of Life & Style magazine.


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