Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fired Housewife Danielle: Is It Botox Or Brow Lift??

Danielle Staub.
Her name alone, makes most women crazy. And the recently fired reality star of the Bravo TV hit, 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey', will be making noise again next Monday night, when she walks off the Housewives Reunion show. It's going to be explosive...ha ha.

Can't wait for that wonderful train wreck. People are always talking about the 48-year-old, controversial New Jersey housewife, especially her eyebrows, and to what she has admitted to---4 boob jobs.

Let's take a closer look....Has Danielle Staub over-dosed on the Botox, or are her very high eyebrows, the result of a brow lift?

Who knows for sure.

A brow lift is a plastic surgery procedure designed to correct sagging in the forehead skin, upper eyelids, and eyebrows. It is a common cosmetic surgery done under local anesthesia with minimal discomfort.

The procedure smooths the forehead, reduces frown lines, and elevates the position of the eyebrow line. It gives back a more youthful and relaxed appearance, when done right.

Botox cosmetic can achieve a mini brow lift, temporarily, at least for about 3 months. The number one injectable can work wonders on the face, says Dr. Frederick Brandt, celebrity dermatologist.

"Botox cosmetic has revolutionized our field," Dr. Brandt says. "Botox is easy to administer, safe and effective."

Dr. Brandt has been credited with creatively injecting Botox to "lift" the face and make patients appear several years younger and refreshed. "The Botox cosmetic is used to create a ‘face-lift” by raising the eyebrows and tightening the neck platysmal bands and diminishing the appearance of the horizontal lines of the neck. As always, these procedures have to be performed by trained physicians."
The trouble occurs when Botox is placed inappropriately, and the patient ends up with very raised brow ends like Danielle and, er, Star Trek's Dr. Spock.

Here's how one Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Alexander Rivkin explains it at his website:
"When Dr. Rivkin teaches doctors and nurses how to administer BOTOX®, he stresses the critical importance of a natural result. The patient should be able to move their face. Their forehead should not look too tight. Their smile should be natural. Their eyebrows should not arch like Dr. Spock!

The way to do it right is to always customize the dose of BOTOX® to the individual. That means taking the time to watch them move their facial muscles and knowing where and how much to inject."


Beenee said...

Good point! Her eyebrows bother me so much, I can't enjoy the show. I have a hard time concentrating on what Daniele says because of those scary brows. It lloks like Botox over-kill. Myabe she just has a high brow to begin with.

Anonymous said...

Oh my!!
Not pretty.
'Nuf said.

Unknown said...

I have actually never heard of a brow lift. How do they actually do a brow lift? I know how Botox works and everything but now a brow lift. But by these pictures you can definitely tell that she did something to her eyebrows.