Monday, August 23, 2010

Purple Lab Pearlesque Show Primer For Perfect Looking Skin

Are you 'primed' for perfect-looking skin?

Well, you can get there with the right makeup primer, ladies. And Purple Lab has a true beauty called, Pearlesque Show ($30), an amazing silicone-free primer blended with pearl powder, kiwi, and honey. Those, along with plumping peptides, and other intelligent ingredients, allow makeup to smoothly glide across the skin, creating an evenly toned complexion.

The beauty of a primer is its perfection at filling in fine lines and pores for a flawless finish BEFORE foundation application. Some women like to wear primer alone, and skip the foundation. But most primer fans love to create as smooth a complexion as they can, so that the next layer, that of foundation, glides over easily.

In other words, think of these steps, as building a house. Layer upon layer. Only in this case, you end up with an almost 'air-brushed' face. The primer allows your makeup staying power. Oily faces stay fresher longer. And if your primer doesn't contain 'built-in' dewy softeners for dry skin, then apply moisturizer before you prime.

Purple Lab Pearlesque Show Primer contains aloe and is friendly to all skin types. According to the company, ..." the formula is decadently rich and ultra moisturizing, giving you firm, even, toned skin.". We like the sound of that.

Primers seem to cost more than regular foundation makeup. At least starting in the $20 range. So, think of a primer as a good beauty investment. And Purple Lab has come up with a very good one, so we say it's a keeper.

For more information, check out Purple Lab NYC.