Saturday, August 7, 2010

Need Back To College Jeans? Jessica Simpson Showing Off New Jeans Line

Jeans. We all love them, and so does celebrity favorite, Jessica Simpson.

Did you know, that the average woman owns 8 pairs of jeans?! Some of you might even own double or triple that number of jeans.

We hate to say it, but many of you are heading back to college soon, and you will need some sexy, comfortable jeans....the ones that make your butt look incredible and your legs a mile long.

Jessica Simpson just happens to have a new collection of jeans out from her popular Jessica Simpson Collection. She loves wearing her Sunset Boot Cut Jeans all over town. And there she is, pictured above, wearing the flattering style.

The curvaceous pop singer recently told our friends at, that she favors the bootcut jean:
I am wearing the Sunset Bootleg in this photo," Simpson remarked. "I love a good bootcut because it elongates the leg."

And for about $49 a pair, you, too, can own some Jessica Simpson jeans.
Here are just a few from her new denim collection:
The Forever Skinny.
The Kiss Me Jeggings.
And the Vintage Flare

You can check out the jeans at her shopping website.

The 30-year-old beauty seems much more at ease these days. She's got a hot new boyfriend in football star Eric Johnson. And she' s now gracing the September cover of Lucky magazine, telling People magazine this:

"I'm very happy. Right now in my life, I'm the most confident I've ever been. I can make that statement," she says.

What sweet revenge for Jessica Simpson. She took some nasty hits in the past about her weight, boyfriend struggles, and those now infamous 'Mom jeans.'. But she has turned it all around, and suddenly, Jessica has gotten the last laugh.

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