Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Even Toenails Need TLC With Buff And Shine Block

You've been rockin' that red hot nail polish on your beautiful, little toes all summer long. And that's a good thing, except when you go to remove your last pedi and find some, well, dull, yellow-tinged toenails left behind.

Nasty! Someone had to say it. So let's take a look at what's doing with your toenails.

First of all, whether it's fingernails or toenails, we all need to sand or buff away the top nail layers, to reveal a healthy, shiny surface. Too many colored nail polishes and lacquers can do quite a number to the nail plate.

As you can all tell when you got to clip them, toenails are thicker than fingernails. And they are also more porous than fingernails. So that means, that when you get a pedicure your toenails will more readily absorb the pigment in nail polish. And that can leave behind an unattractive yellow stain. So, toenails need a little TLC between the polishes and the lack of attention our 'little piggies' get on a daily basis.

We have a found a super, inexpensive, little beauty product that anyone can use to buff up their toenails and fingernails during these brutal summer days. It's called ASP Miracle Buff & Shine Block by All Season ($2.29, at Sally Beauty Supply stores.

The ASP Miracle Buff & Shine Block is simple to use. It's a 2-sided block. Use the grey side first to buff the nail plate, using a back and forth motion. Remove any oil. Next, use the white side until the nail comes up to a high gloss shine. And the high gloss, long-lasting shine doesn't need oils or a topcoat.

This buff and shine product also helps smooth away ridges and bumpy nails.

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