Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Skechers Toning Shoes Don't Shape Beautiful Legs And Butt According To New Study

Sorry, Skechers.

The American Council on Exercise did a study, and found that toning shoes like Skechers Shape-Ups, "do not deliver the fitness or muscle toning benefits they claim."

Ouch! That means, ladies, that these odd, little shoes that make us walk harder do not 'build' us a better pair of legs or butt?! And these toning shoes do not help us lose weight?!

Well, Skechers isn't taking this one lying down. The popular shoe maker is fighting back, by claiming the study by the American Council on Exercise did not have any scientific basis. Skechers also says it would contest two new civil complaints against its Shape-Ups product line, saying the lawsuits were frivolous and targeted at extorting money from the company.

We've written before about toning shoes, like the FitFlop. And to us, the science seems pretty convincing. These shoes are purposely made to produce instability. That, in turn, signals your muscles to hold your posture. So as you take more and more steps, the body is being stimulated more and more and working more.

But maybe, Skechers has overly inflated the benefits of buying their Shape-Ups, by telling customers to, "get in shape without setting foot in a gym,". Still, there are many happy customers. We have read plenty of reviews, and a lot of women say these toning shoes give the entire leg and butt a strong work-out. And yes, women have lost weight wearing these shoes. By the way, the pair pictured above, are the Skechers Shape-Ups Xf-Accelerators ($100).

Remember the wooden-soled Dr. Scholls sandals from the 1970's? Those really gave your legs and butt a great work-out.And the Dr. Scholls company claims they are truly the original exercise or toning sandal.

We don't really care what this recent study shows. If women claim they are getting a good burn walking around in these toning shoes like Skechers Shape-Ups, then, let them keep walking. We don't see the harm in wearing these exercise shoes.


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BrendaD said...

I think the toning shoes DO work. I've had a pr of the Shape-Ups for 4 mos now and Ive lost 13 lbs. You really DO feel the burn and it really DOES work your butt + legs. So don't listen to o silly study/.