Friday, August 20, 2010

Classic Pointy Toe Kitten Heels Cat's Meow For Fall 2010

Pointy toe kitten heels. Okay, some of you absolutely adore these classic, ladylike shoes. But there are others who find the kitten heel to be a bit dowdy or too low to the ground.

Well, you better start seeing things from a different angle, ladies, because the pointy toe kitten heel was the cat's meow all over the runways for fall 2010. Yes, the lower, more sensible heel is in! Think Audrey Hepburn...she pulled the look off so beautifully.
Don't worry. You can still wear your favorite sky-high heels. Those Manolo Blahniks and Louboutins aren't fading away into fashion obscurity just yet. But it is a nice change, to see the 1950's pointy toe kitten heel re-emerge as one of the top fashion trends for fall 2010.

Designer Marc Jacobs paraded the delicate low heels throughout his runway shows. Check out these cuties above, by Marc Jacobs.
And Banana Republic, as well as Cole Haan are featuring pointy toe kitten heels in an elegant slingback style.

Stella McCartney also introduced the pointy toe kitten heel as a sexy slingback in her fall 2010 collection. And designer Rachel Roy told Harper's Bazaar magazine, that she's crazy about the kitten heel:

"I think they are the chicest way to go," Rachel Roy explains. "But they must be worn the right way or they skew old. I can't say enough great things about them. I could go on for days." She pairs them with a wrinkled khaki trench and a cuffed short or tight, sexy cocktail dresses. "I like the awkwardness the pointy kitten heel brings to sexy looks," she adds. By the way, Rachel Roy stands 5 foot 11 in her bare feet. So, yeah, the kitten heel is kinder to tall women.

And that brings us to this observation........Pointy toe kitten heels cannot lift your butt or enhance some killer calves, or instantly grow and slenderize you some 5 inches taller like stilettos can.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry but those are the FUGLIEST shoes ever!!! I wont be wearing them,period!