Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bethenny Frankel Has Favorite Leg Cream By Sponge SkinCare

New mom Bethenny Frankel is giving out more beauty tips, following her rapid return to skinny girl status.

As we all know, the 39-year-old mom to baby Bryn took a lot of heat for dropping an amazing 30 lbs. in just 3 weeks following her C-section on May 8th. And then to really top it all off, Bethenny showed off her great body at age 39, in photos for Us Weekly, wearing a size 4 bathing suit. It seemed like an impossible feat, at least for most new moms in Bethenny's position. Some women got jealous and others wanted to know the reality television star's post baby diet and exercise tips.

And now the new mom tells People magazine that there is one must-have beauty product she can't be without----Jambes Lourdes Anti-Fatigue Leg Cream by Sponge Skincare ($95, at Sponge Skincare.

Bethenny Frankel likes this cream a lot because, "It's made for people like me, who are always on their feet." And we believe her. She is constantly running around with her businesses, like the Skinny Girl line of drinks, her reality TV show, taking care of Bryn, and exercising her fanny off.

So, what's in the Sponge Skincare cream?

The formula is full of calming herbs to revitalize tired, restless legs. And the company, based in Greece, says, "The nourishing cream was designed to diminish discomfort in the legs caused by travel, poor circulation or prolonged periods of standing. It features mastic, a rare herb that heals and rejuvenates, as well as calming calendula and sage. Originally developed by an OB/GYN, it offers complete safety and gentleness, making it suitable for use by all skin types. Tired muscles are relieved and vascular circulation is improved, leaving the legs comfortable and calm."

A bit pricey at $95 for 3.4 oz., but if this cream can really soothe aching, tired legs, well, we think it's a good investment....that, or a really long nap.

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