Friday, September 14, 2012

Emma Stone Uses A Sprinkle Of This For Mega Volume Hair

It's definitely 'got grip.' And that is a plus for creating BIG hair.

We're talking about Matrix Design Pulse Mega Dust Volume Texturizer. We found some at BeautyBay for $11.90.

Who doesn't want texture, body and hold?!

Celebrities like Emma Stone love it when they're looking to pump up the volume. She wore it at the 2012 Met Ball, and she's still putting some on at red carpet events.

We like beauty products that are quick & easy---NO fuss, NO muss.

And Matrix Design Pulse Mega Dust Volume Texturizer couldn't be simpler. Just sprinkle some onto dry hair, work in with fingers, and watch the BIG hair grow!

The dust is like you would figure it to be---very lightweight, non-greasy. It's a terrific hairstyling product, economical, too, because a few sprinkles go a long way.

If you're always on the hunt for a newer and better volumizer, try a can of this!

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