Monday, September 24, 2012

Forward Skin Care: Where Nature And Science Come Together Beautifully

Anti-aging skin care.

Products that multi-task.

A line that REALLY does something good for your skin.

We have been lucky to sample 2 items from a brand new company:
Forward Skin Care.

Anti-aging formulas are designed to tighten, lift, firm, and brighten. And that is exactly what the Los Angeles-based company has been able to successfully accomplish in each little bottle and jar they sell.

Farida Benderradji, spokesperson for Forward Skin Care, is proud of the methods her beauty company has created to blend nature and science together--without using animal testing or artificial coloring. In fact, the products are ALL fresh. Forward Skin Care is very aware of formulas that sit for months on store shelves; they do it differently. Instead, batches of their skin care line are made fresh, and come with their own date of formulation.

We like that concept. It takes the guesswork out of a beauty product's efficacy standards. This way, you know how long the formula is designed to repair and enhance your complexion.

We enjoyed using Forward's Supreme (serum) and the Lift & Firm (cream),  2 of their best sellers. And we can see why these products are so popular.

These are just a few of the anti-aging 'weapons' used in their skin care line:
Aloe Vera. Kojic acid. Bearberry extracts. Seakelp bio-ferment. Algae extract. Peptides.

Supreme ($86.95 at forwardskincare). A light, clear serum that dries quickly and immediately,  to tighten and sculpt facial contours, and lessen the appearance of wrinkles--all thanks to the added presence of  powerful Argireline combined with Tri-peptide5.

Lift & Firm ($69, at forwardskincare).  This cream feels like velvet sinking into every pore. It can also be layered on top of the Supreme Serum.  The formula begins fast to lift and firm and brighten the skin. It can be applied over the decollete and bust for excellent firming results, too. The winning ingredients feature bearberry leaves extract, Triglyceride, algae extract, and more.

These skin care products not only feel great, but give instant and long-lasting tightening effects. And they smell delicious, too.

We think Forward Skin Care is on the right track developing a truly fresh skin care line that blends nature and science beautifully.

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Very intersting post about skincare.I am heading to the Forward skincare website now.