Saturday, September 15, 2012

Oh, Boy!! Big Bad Bold Brows Are In For Spring 2013

Okay...BIG, BOLD brows ain't goin' nowhere, ladies!

So, our best beauty advice to you:

Start GROWING your brows from now, to get ready for Spring 2013!

Says who?

NY Fashion Week. Designers like Marc Jacobs were showing off boxy brows on model after model. Take a look at our Top Photo and the drawing by one of the BEST in the biz--Francois Nars. This is what he told

"Marc showed me images of Amy Winehouse, Patsy Cline, and Sweet Charity," says makeup artist Fran├žois Nars, who also turned to the photographer Sam Haskins’s 1964 black-and-white narrative book, Cowboy Kate, for inspiration. "It was important to make the girls look like dancers, to treat them like characters, not models.

So, if you are not of the fully-brow-endowed, then learn to sculpt a pair with some powder or pencil. Sheesh! That's a lot of work, darn it!

As Sandy Linter, another legend in the makeup world once told us:

Look at the kinds of brows the models are wearing. Do not look at the actresses who usually like to sport the thin, L.A. brow. The models have the inner track on what's best in beauty.

Here we go again....We use a brow pencil with hopefully, a lighter touch.

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lizzie456 said...

OH, F..k! I dont have any frigging'brows. I cant draw them in! HELP