Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Kardashian Sisters Keeping Up With The Kash: Khroma Makeup Line

We must say, the Kardashian sisters look HOT in these ads for their new makeup line, Khroma. Sure, there is most likely, a wee bit of photoshopping going on, but then again, who isn't photoshopped these days when it comes to fashion and beauty ads?!

We've been seeing this commercial shot tease of Kim K in all the major fashion mags for a few months now. And whenever we see the ad, we immediately think it is Jennifer Lopez. Does anyone else see this?

Glad to see Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe all keeping up with the $$kash$$, so to speak. The brand new Khroma Beauty makeup line  will begin its launch in Ulta stores this December.

The special holiday collection will feature faux lashes, mascaras and Kardazzle Compacts, with more products from the line ready for release early next year.

We DO think makeup is something all 3 K sisters know a lot about, so it's the perfect vehicle to be selling something that has your signature on it.

If anyone knows what eyeshadow, mascara, and faux lashes are about----it's certainly Kim Kardashian. She's never met a lash she didn't like. The sexy reality star always has her makeup done to perfection.

Rumor has it, that Kim had once traveled away for a paid appearance, but canceled after her makeup artist forgot to bring along the fales lashes for Kim. She allegedly refused to be seen at public appearance without them. We cannot prove this gossip is true. Just sayin'.......

Also, the cosmetics will accompany behind-the-scenes tips by the K sisters and their make-up artists via Twitter and YouTube.

Will you tune in and get your lashes on?

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