Monday, September 17, 2012

Ambi Fade Cream DOES Work.....But Not Perfectly Yet

We've written about fade creams before, but this time, we were going to take the test, and really try out the product right away.  Back on August 13th, we wrote a BeautyTipToday post about Ambi Fade Cream. And for about a month now, we have been applying the fade cream every day, as directions state. We chose the Ambi for oily skin.

It's preferred you apply Ambi Fade Cream 2X a day. Within 2 weeks or so, results should be starting to show, according to the Ambi company.

We've been applying the cream to our Mediterranean, DARK undereye circles, our decollete, and knees.   Our results, so far:
Dark circles.....The best improvement. We would say about 30% improvement.
Decollete(neck chest)...About 15% improvement.
Knees....About 10% improvement.

After 3 months, directions say to stop using if improvements are not seen.

Cosmo mag lists Ambi Fade Cream as a good one. Plus, it's easily found at your neighborhood drugstore at a very cheap price ($5.59, at

The 'magic' ingredient in Ambi Skincare Fade Cream is the 2% hydroquinone. This chemical helps to speed up skin lightening. But the stuff can also be highly irritating to skin, so you must always proceed cautiously when using hydroquinone. And there are some fears about the possible development of cancer after very prolonged usage.

By the way, prescription hydroquinone begins at 4% and will work much faster. We will continue applying the Ambi Fade Cream and hope for even better results. We were surprised that our undereye circles are starting to fade significantly.

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