Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Heidi Klum Gets Her Saggy Baggy Groove On and It Works!

Wow...What a difference a day makes, as the old saying goes.

The bottom photo shows the former Victoria's Secret model in seafoam elegance at Sunday's Emmy Awards show. And the top photo has the Project Runway host walking casually with children in tow, the next day.

The point is.....Heidi Klum STILL manages to look gorgeous, even when she's not trying hard.

The mom-of-4, yes, 4 kids, is dressed down, as you can see, getting her saggy, baggy groove on!

We're New England....We call those farmer jeans. Others say they are coveralls, and some claim she's wearing overalls.

Whatever Heidi's denim jumpsuit is, it's tres baggy. And yet, the modelmakes it work. As Project Runway's Tim Gunn likes to say: Make it work, people."

Don't worry, Heidi is right in step with the HOT trend-of-the-moment boyfriend jeans. Or should we say, grandpa jeans?

The baggy denim trend is HOT. Jennifer Aniston has been all over that look for months now.

We think Heidi pulls it off very nicely by keeping everything to the bare minimum:
simple ponytail
barely there makeup
aviator lenses
black tank top
gold necklace
sensible shoes

Do you dig these very baggy overalls?

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