Thursday, September 6, 2012

Who Says Makeup Doesn't Really Make A Beautiful Difference?!

Okay, we have girlfriends who aren't into makeup, and yes, they are all naturally attractive.

But, we would like to venture that a little makeup and bigger hair CAN do wonders, even beauty magic, in the case of 45-year-old bombshell Pamela Anderson.

"The proof is in the pudding," as the old saying goes. Just look at the photos. There's the former Playboy playmate at LAX yesterday, saying goodbye to her two sons. The bottom photo shows the Dancing with the Stars alum at a party in Germany on Labor Day.

Like night and day for the former Baywatch star.

Pam Anderson's makeup artist Alexis Vogel has perfected the bombshell signature look.

Even something as simple as foundation does a lot of good for every gals' complexion. Alexis told the LA Times what she does for Pam:

..."Vogel, who likes Armani foundations, recommends using an inexpensive professional latex sponge to apply foundation. Match foundation to your face, neck and arms and always blend it down the neck. Apply under-eye concealer, and use a big powder puff to gently pat on translucent powder. Then use a big fluffy brush to buff off any excess powder. Smile and pat a highlighter like Benefit High Beam around the upper part of the apple of your cheeks, following with shimmery blush on the apples for a dewy look. Blend so the makeup is seamless."

For more of Pam's sexy makeup, click here.

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