Thursday, September 20, 2012

Younger Women Filling Up: Marshmallow Cheeks And Lips

Restylane, Juvederm, Perlane, etc. Those are cosmetic fillers. And according to the latest stats, women younger than 35 are deep into quick, non-surgical treatments.

It's cosmetic dermatological overload. And in Hollywood alone, you will find lots of very young celebrities walking around with a similar appearance of marshmallow cheeks and lips.

The August issue of Vogue took a hard look at the beauty trends causing a buzz, and discovered that:
"Women are now starting their anti-aging regimens younger and younger-well before they even have a wrinkle to speak of. The that they often end up looking older."

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) now states that 18% of patients receiving non-invasive treatments, like filler, lasers, and Botox  are aged 19-34.

Back in the day, most teens and young women made a visit to the derm for acne treatment. These days, the  appointment is scheduled to fill up on filler. And sometimes, it goes too far. Lips and cheeks have become super-sized.

As Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Norman Leaf explained to Vogue, this younger sub-set of women are "chasing the dream of never getting old." Even teens are asking for fuller, bigger lips, higher cheekbones, sharper jawlines, and so on.

"It's a world gone mad," says Dr. Leaf.

Since fillers are NOT permanent, the patient must keep returning to the doctor for another round of shots. The trouble starts when you begin adding a little more and more of this and that. One expert tells Vogue:

 "It's socially reinforcing. If you have a procedure done and afterward people say you look good, that positive reinforcement will encourage you to do it again, and to do more."

We cannot prove which younger than 35, celebrities are obsessed with looking perfect and youthful, but Kim Kardashian's name often comes up, because her appearance appears to be ever-changing. And Lindsay Lohan's name has certainly been talked about, when it comes to a facial enhancement.

What do you think:

Fillers are fine. Leave young beauties alone!

Or, "It's a world gone mad!"

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Anonymous said...

YES! A world gone mad! They all look' stupid + years OLDER!