Thursday, November 1, 2012

How To Get Emily Blunt's Killer Toned Arms

Emily Blunt----your body looks amazing, and we love those killer toned arms!!!

We will agree with a lot of comments on some websites that claim the 29-year-old actress looks a bit too thin,.....however, we like to call that healthy Hollywood skinny.

The gorgeous star has been busy working out as she prepares for her role in a new movie with Tom Cruise, called A Time to Kill, a military thriller.

Emily appeared in this orange Halloween-tastic gown for the Harper's Bazaar Woman of the Year Awards last evening at London's Claridge's Hotel.

She knew exactly what dress to wear to accentuate those toned triceps and biceps and that strong, fit back with the very low cut style and hair in a bun to show off her intense training. Emily looked great, both arriving and leaving.

So, how do you get Emily Blunt's killer toned arms?

By a lot of repetitions.

If you don't have plenty of time, and don't care for lifting weights, then try triangle push-ups. This exercise really tones up the dingle-dangle under the arms, and will tighten them well, along with your  back and chest.
(Check out the photos for proper placement. We found these at BodyEssentialz).

The triangle push-up derives its name from the placement of the hands
during the exercise. Unlike a traditional push-up, with hands positioned
beneath the shoulders, the triangle push-up involves placing the thumbs
and forefingers together to form a triangle position.
Stiffen your torso by contracting your
core/abdominal, gluteal and quadriceps
muscles and align your head with your
spine. Place your feet together with your
ankles dorsiflexed (toes pointed toward your
shins). Due to the challenging nature of this
position, however, you may want to start
with a modified version of the exercise by
placing your knees on the floor.
For the downward phase, slowly lower your body toward the floor while maintaining
a rigid torso and keeping your head aligned with your spine. Do not allow
your low back to sag or your hips to hike upward during this downward phase.
Continue to lower yourself until your chest or chin touches the mat/floor.
For the upward phase, press up through your arms while maintaining a
rigid torso and keeping your head aligned with your spine. For extra strength,
think about pushing the floor away from you. Do not allow your low back to
sag or your hips to hike upward. Continue pressing until the arms are fully
extended at the elbows.

Do a few sets of triangle push-ups a day, and you will see rewards!


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Anonymous said...

I actually envy Emily's back even more than her arms. She does look amazing and so firm. I will try starting up a triangle push-ups routine!!

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