Monday, November 5, 2012

Noticing Hair Fall-Out? Normal This Time Of Year

We saw a fascinating find on Twitter recently. And it has to do with hair fall-out. We have been experiencing a little hair shedding, so we were relieved and interested in this beauty nugget from a Japanese newspaper, called Yomiuri Shimbun. You can read the full article here.

If you have noticed some hair falling out as of late, you are NOT alone. In fact, blame it on the seasons:

...OSAKA--"Like trees shedding their leaves, autumn is the time of year when humans are said to lose the most amount of hair. Some experts attribute this to damage caused by exposure to ultraviolet rays during summer, while others say autumn is a time when much of the hair is replaced by new growth. Hair care specialists suggest gentle shampooing and getting enough sleep to maintain a healthy mane." We never knew about this.

The article, written by staff writer Michiko Nakai , goes on to explain that most heads have between 100,000 - 140,000 strands of hair, and "each strand goes through 3 phases--the anagen phase of growth, the catagen phase where the hair bulb at the base of each strand weakens, and the telogen phase when weakened hair falls off." The cycle then repeats every 5 or 6 years.
So, how much hair fall-out is normal?
According to the article...."An average of 100 strands of hair fall out as part of this cycle per day, but according to some studies, this rate increases twofold from September to November."
We hope, that if you have experienced  a bit more hair shedding than usual, that it might very well have to do with this autumnal hair fall-out explanation.

What do you think about this interesting hair information?


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for this article.Im going to show it to my sister who has noticed her hair started falling out in October.Ihad never heard of this either.

bianca-mck said...

I was embarrased to say that I was loosing some hair, and I think it started in Septembr.
Maybe it is due to this cycle in the fall like the artical says.
Thanx for the very good artical!