Saturday, November 24, 2012

Write This Down: Dermapen Micro-Needling Delivers Younger-looking Skin

Say hello to the newest wrinkle smoother! It's called Dermapen, and it's the latest trend in skin care, involving micro-needling.

Think of being pin-pricked all over your face. Oh yeah, tiny holes in the skin to rev up collagen/elastin production.

The great news----Dermapen is not surgery. It's another non-invasive beauty treatment that promises a younger, brighter, smoother complexion.

New York City Plastic Surgeon Jon Turk claims that this is a skin-worthy treatment, consisting of 11 tiny needles in an electronically driven pen-like device:

"In my opinion, anyone ages 35 to 60 should be getting these treatments," Dr. Turk says. "We are not looking at it as a separate procedure like laser, but as something that should be incorporated into a person's skin care."

Some dermatologists are comparing the Dermapen to the Fraxel laser, but without the downtime and possible side effects of charring, and so on.

Is there pain?

Yes, but discomfort at a tolerable level.

The Dermapen cost per session----between $250 - $650. You might need about 3 or 4 treatments spaced at 2-4 weeks apart.

For more details, click on this YouTube animation vid.


Anonymous said...

Good story, but I think the Pelleve in the previous article seems like the better treatment. What do you think?

Andrea said...

Dermapen has changed my life , having suffered from Acne and then Acne scars it has not only made my skin smoother then anything I have tried and I have tried a lot :( some painful some that take weeks for the skin to recover :( Micro Needling has come a long way from the Derma Roller to the Dermapen ! Dermapen is winning awards and now I know why

Anonymous said...

Andrea: So many thank yous for your honest critique of Dermapen, and am so happy for you! I'm in the same situation with acne scars, and you have just answered my questions!

Anonymous said...

I have suffered from horrible stretch marks on my stomach since my first child in 2005. I have had one session and and I'm so excited to do another! After day 2 and the swelling went down I noticed an extreme difference in the texture and sagging of my skin!My husband and kids noticed and think it's a miracle! I recommend it to anyone suffering from any unsightly scars on their body.