Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Kate Middleton Gets A New Do---Layered Bangs!

Maybe, just maybe....the new duchess do is a distractor from her secret pregnancy. So, instead  of always focusing on royal Kate Middleton's alleged growing belly, one would be tempted to look at her lovely face and new layered hairstyle?!

The royal rumor is that the Duchess of Cambridge is expecting, and that Kate and William will be delivering the happy news sometime in December......not the baby yet, but just the news.

Hmmm. Not sure she is pregnant. Where could she even hide her alleged baby bump in that $2,200 silk Mulberry green dress?

Do you like the bright green dress?

The Duchess is right-on-trend in GREEN.

And we adore her lovely layered do with the center-parted bangs.

We think Kate looks great, and sophsticated, too!

It's almost a Kim Kardashian layered hairstyle. Well, really look at the similar style. We tip our beauty cap to Kate, for having her real hair on display....Not that there's anything wrong with beautiful, expensive extensions. Just sayin'......

It wouldn't surprise us if we see a new crop of Kate Middleton layered dos all over the world  as young women copy her every move, and this is just the latest Kate beauty tip to surface. That and the trendy green color dress.

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Nancee said...

Me thinks Kate is preggers!
Just has that look--hard to describe...LOL
Ive been there--I know!