Wednesday, November 28, 2012

VS Model Mirander Kerr Credits Green Juice For Skinny Body

Miranda Kerr has a beauty secret, and it has nothing to do with Victoria's Secret.

The stunning VS model and mom to son Flynn credits her skinny, perfect frame to,  of all things----green juice.

Miranda tells People mag that she works out doing Pilates, yoga, and boxing before she is 'body- ready' to slip into sexy undies for the annual VS runway show, being televised on Tuesday, Dec. 4th, CBS.

'I also drink healthy green juices everyday, and protein shakes,' the model says.

Okay, green juices. Er.....yumm-o....Not! But, Miranda might be on to something. Drinking a little green can melt away fat. We wrote about chlorophyll in (2010) BeautyTipToday.

According to the dietary experts, chlorophyl acts like a mild laxative and encourages the liver into becoming a better fat-burning machine. The green pigment is also full of magnesium which helps to balance blood sugar and melt away stubborn belly fat.

Chlorophyl is also high in vitamin and mineral content. Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, and an award-winning author of 30 books, tells First for Women magazine that, "the best absorbed form (of chlorophyll) is a liquid extract mixed with water." She suggests a twice daily drink of 1 tsp. of chlorophyll in 8 oz. of water. Dr. Gittleman likes Sunny Green Liquid Chlorophyll ($13, 16 oz., at health-food stores).

You could also make green juices using kale, spinach, and other excellent greens. We hunted down some tasty green juice recipes from