Thursday, November 8, 2012

VS' Karlie Kloss Hides New Cute Cut Under Lots Of Extensions

Karlie Kloss looks so adorable with her brand new chin-length bob! She just got it cut right BEFORE the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show last night in New York City!

Too bad the powers-that-be would not let the model show off her cute cut before the throngs of VS fans during the sexy catwalk lingerie show. Instead, stylists scrambled to add tons of extensions to Karlie's locks, turning the sweet, wholesome girl-next-door into a seductive glamazon gliding along the runway.

To tell you the truth, we wouldn't know that was Karlie Kloss, without the makeup, extra hair, false lashes and lipstick mouth. But, we do like her new haircut. She looks so very young, and she is, at age 20.

Hair extensions can do incredible things, as you can see from Karlie's before+after pics. Men usually prefer women with longer locks, and since the annual VS Fashion Show features a majority of men in the audience, that is maybe why Karlie had to undergo a quick hair makeover.

By the way, stylists say they came equipped with lots of differently colored extensions to transform the heads of some of these beautiful models before they took their spin on the cat-walk. Celebrity stylist Orlando Pita, told this to InStyle:

"Honestly, it may be unbelievable, but we have probably spent about $75,000 just on extensions alone," he said during the taping. "There is a lot of hair in this room, and a lot of money! There are fans on the runway, so all of the girls get extensions added to avoid getting gaps in their hair while walking."

Interesting background knowledge for a super fashion show.

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