Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Great Bobby Pin Is Anything But Beauty Basic

Actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler always looks gorgeous on the red carpet. Her brunette locks and makeup are well-done. And if there's one beauty tip she wants to share, it has to do with the tiniest of hair accessories-----the bobby pin.

Sure, the bobby pin is a beauty basic, but a great bobby pin is not always easy to find. But Jamie Lynn says she reaches for this brand time and time again. And professional stylists love them, too:

Vidal Sassoon Bobby Pins ($1.29, at 60 per pack.

"They have to be strong," says celeb stylist Joey Maalouf tells Glamour mag. "These are my faves." Plus, you can get these bobby pins to match your hair color.

Sometimes, you just need some bobby pins to hold up that do, to tame those strays, and for setting hair in pin curls, etc.

These classic, old-fashioned booby pins really do the trick!

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