Tuesday, November 20, 2012

GH's 'Carly' (Laura Wright) Has Best Hair In DayTime TV!

Gorgeous Laura White plays the role of Carly Corinthos Jacks on General Hospital.

The 42-year-old actress has always had an incredible head of blonde locks. We LOVE her hair, and apparently, so do a lot of fans. If you take a look at forums across the internet, you will see question after question requesting Laura's blonde highlights routine, her haircut, and other styling tips.

We can tell you that Laura's healthy hair is naturally curly, and that she prefers to keep it that way when she isn't on the set. Usually, we see her with straight or wavy locks on General Hospital. And so many women LOVE her natural-looking blonde color.

No, we don't have the hair secrets for this beautiful mane. We couldn't find a stitch of anything about her highlights, except that she has curly hair.  Period.

It's a mystery. We searched all over for some kind of hair secrets from the blonde, blue-eyed star and came up with nothing. Nada. Zero.

Still, we have named her 'Best Hair in DayTime TV!'

If you know anything about this fab head of hair, please tell us!

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Unknown said...

She uses "Garnier Curl Sculpting Cream Gel" in damp hair, twists, sits until dry, and then pulls them apart and gets her natural, heartless curls.