Monday, October 28, 2013

All The Girls Buzzing About Maybelline's New Color Whisper Lip Color

We love drugstore makeup.

There...We admit it. We also love high-end cosmetics. Don't get us wrong. But there's nothing bad about buying brands like Maybelline. Most of us do, and enjoy putting it on.

You've read about our love for Great Lash mascara.  Always adored it, and have the familiar pink + green tube in our makeup bag at home.

Now, we're interested in the new beauty product Maybelline has been advertising lately.

It's called, Color Whisper by Color Sensational. And this stuff comes in 20 amazing shades.
Maybe it's the pretty Cameron Diaz-look-a-like model that is luring us in. Good advertising can seduce us all. But we like the natural softness of these brand new gel-color lip balm/lipsticks. There's nothing heavy about them.

Maybelline describes them this way:
Pure color pigments suspended in a weightless gel.
No heavy waxes or oils.
Soft, sexy gel-color.

And look at all these shades...from Petal Rebel, the one the model is wearing, and also shown in the tube below, to darker shades like A Plum Prospect.

If you HATE heavy lipsticks + glosses, then these new Color Whispers are just that---soft + natural.

A tube will set you back about $7.49.

Not bad for a little lip color, ladies.

Check them out here.

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