Sunday, October 13, 2013

New DreamTone By Lancome: For Just Shy Of $100, You, Too, Can Have A More Even Skin Tone

Beauty products can cost a lot of $$$, especially when it comes to skin care. But as we like to think, if the item is very effective, then make the beauty investment.  Period.

Let's take a further look at LancĂ´me's brand new 'DreamTone Customized Skin Tone Correcting Serum.'.. It's just shy of $100 at $98.

Okay....that's a wad of cash...But maybe it REALLY works?

We prefer beauty serums over creams, because we have learned that a serum is stronger than a cream. So, that means you are getting MORE product for the money.

If you want to battle the signs of aging, like wrinkles and sagging skin and uneven skin tone, always opt for the serum.

Says who? New York City dermatologist, David J. Goldberg. He explains that face serums are more potent. "Creams usually contain less than 10 percent of active ingredients; serums have up to 70 percent," he says.

DreamTone comes in 3 customized tints for all skin tones.

- Tint 1, designed for fair skin, reduces dark spots, uneven skin tone and redness.
- Tint 2, designed for medium skin, reduces dark spots, uneven skin tone and sallowness.
- Tint 3, designed for dark skin, reduces dark spots, uneven skin tone and acne and blemish marks.


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