Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Make Your Makeup Last and Last With This!

Makeup. Many of us really enjoy wearing it. But  a problem a lot of us share is in the staying power of a foundation, concealer or blush, for instance.

After about 4 hours, that makeup has left the building, as the saying goes. Now you've got a greasy complexion, or maybe an even drier, duller face.

Getting makeup to last + look fresh is a challenge. But now we have a cheap solution.

You've got to try NYX Makeup Setting Spray ($8.00, at

What we LOVE about the setting spray is its 2 choices. It comes in MATTE or DEWY. Whatever your skin type thirsts for, you've got your answer. Since our face is OILY, we would select the MATTE for a shine-free finish.

Our friend Paula has a dry complexion, so she would prefer a soft glow for her face.

Either way--- we think this NYX Makeup Setting Spray is worth the $8.00!

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