Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Major Cleavage On Display: Kim K + Miranda K Lead The Boob Parade

Okay....we've been noticing this, er, major cleavage on display ALL week now.

Are we jealous much?

We have a small bosom....a 34B. And yeah, we CAN create nice cleavage via  a VS push-up bra.....But what we're seeing lately from a few naughty celebs is an almost vulgar display.

Take a look at Kim K + Miranda K during Paris Fashion Week:

"Hey, everybody...Yoo-who! Here I am, and I've brought out the girls!! Look at me, PLEASE!! I'm showing off major boobage!"

Is going bra-less for those with ample breasts really in vogue?!

Apparently so. Extreme plunging necklines are HOT!

But isn't there a limit for how LOW you can go, ladies?

Check out Gwyneth Paltrow gone bra-less out in L.A. for a recent fashion shoot.

Do smaller-breasted women like Gwyneth look classier in super plunging fashion?

Or is it all vulgar whether it's an A-cup, D-cup, or even F-cup?

If you care to plunge, please invest in some lift tape, like Bubbles Breast Lift Tape.


Kelly said...

I find it offensive. And I HAVE big ones 34D! Even I wouldn't stoop so low. Desperate mamas!

Anonymous said...

Yes--smaller boobs look elegant bra-less...LOL

I've got them.

Anonymous said...