Wednesday, October 30, 2013

OMG! Gisele Bundchen Gets Naked For Paris Vogue November 2013 Issue

Just when we thought Kim Kardashian's newest, over-exposed butt shot was too much for the world to see, now we have celebrated supermodel Gisele all naked, except for her carefully placed hands.

Gisele Bundchen strips down for Paris Vogue's November 2013 issue.

And there we were, placing judgment on Kim K's selfie, and remarking that the amazing physique of Gisele Bundchen would never be shamelessly put on display.

So, we apologize to all the great Kim K fans. It looks like just about EVERY female celeb is getting down + dirty these days. Clothing, or not much of it, is apparently NOT required.

Gisele fans would probably argue that the iconic model's nakedness is done artistically in a magazine as part of her job, and that her photos are NOT selfies.

What can we say...From Miley to Kim to Gisele, nakedness is pretty common at the moment.

Just remember, ladies, when you put your naked self out there, be prepared for the criticism that usually follows.

Some critics are already saying that Gisele Bundchen is TOO skinny to be showing that all off.

We're staying out of that one, this time.

For more Gisele details, check out Vogue Paris.


jhm09 said...

I hate her. I would die to have her body I don't care hoe skinny she is, HOT!

Anonymous said...

Way TOO skinny. I can count her ribs. LOL..

mem said...

Very skinny but Id trade my body for hers any day!