Sunday, October 6, 2013

Jennifer Hudson Wearing It Well----At The Top Of Her Game!

Jennifer Hudson seems to be everywhere these days. From awards ceremonies to morning talk shows to the cover of a magazine.

We don't know how many, if ANY pounds she has put on, but Jennifer Hudson has NEVER looked better! Check out these recent photos:

Here's the Academy Award winner in all white, being honored at the Variety's 5th Annual Power of Women event in Hollywood Friday evening.

Her hair + makeup look flawless!
Here's the 32-year-old superstar on her way to 'Good Morning America in a wine-colored dress:
Plus, the brunette beauty is also featured on the cover of Manhattan magazine.

 She's got her style together and looking pretty amazing!
Three years ago, Jennifer dropped 80 lbs. through Weight Watchers, and has kept it off.
She spoke to Huffington Post about her favorite snacks:

" I love chocolate chip cookies. And right now, I’m a huge fan of the Snickers ice cream bars, because it’s only five points. And then I can have chocolate, ice cream and nuts, but it’s almost not cheating until I go over."
By the way, WW has its OWN brand of Snickers-like ice cream bars. We're not sure if Jennifer meant these, pictured here. But the WW points on these are only 3 pts., and she mentioned them having 5 pts. We'll have to check on that.