Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Kelly Osbourne All Tied Up In Intricate Lavender Plaiting

Wearable hair.

That's been the HOT trend since the Spring 2013 runway shows. And apparently these elegant, yet casual hairstyles are still gaining fans.

Take a look at E!'s 'Fashion Police' star Kelly Osbourne.' She wowed the crowd in intricate, lavender plaiting at The Black Diamond Affair presented by AZATURE in West Hollywood on last  night.

The braiding or plaiting looks quite lovely on Kelly. this red carpet  hairstyle would require the nimble fingers of a professional stylist, no doubt. But, it 's still 'wearable hair.'.

There are so many ways to braid/plait hair. Maybe the lavender hair rinse gives it that extra uniqueness.

Check out the doable braids at the Marchesa + Herve Leger Spring 2013 shows. Those are still HOT on hair trends, and can be copied for your own elegant plaited look for Fall!
YoutTube has some excellent demos on braiding/plaiting hair. Here's one by Lilith Moon.

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