Saturday, October 5, 2013

Copy Gwen Stefani's Cool Autumn Punk Rocker Chic Look For Less!!

We are big Gwen Stefani fans!

She has cool, edgy style and gets away with peroxide blonde bombshell hair. And she wears it ALL so well! She's a modern-day Marilyn Monroe gone wild!

Let's take a fashion peek at the latest punk hot trend that Gwen is walking around in L.A..

The pregnant mama, said to be expecting her 3rd child at 43, looks amazing in her stand-out black + white skinny jeans, along with a lovely Chanel bag and black blazer.

We found a cheaper pair of striped skinnies. Check them out here at for $34! These Foreign Exchange black and white skinny jeans are so IN for autumn. They feature the classic single button + zipper closure. Very sexy.

Hey, not a bad, copy-cat pair of edgy, striped skinnies.

Rock on, ladies. Rock on!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

LUV your look for less! I would rock these skinnies!