Sunday, October 20, 2013

Christina Aguilera Makes The Black Knit Beret Sexy + Glam All Over Again!

Singing superstar Christina Aguilera looks so darn incredible these days.  The petite ' The Voice' judge has shed major lbs. and is showing her slender silhouette off .

Who could blame her?

How did X-tina do it?

Some claim plastic surgery, like lipo. But we have learned from the mutli-talented star that it was hard work and a solid plan via the 1,600-calorie Fresh Diet premium meal-delivery plan, yoga and regular sessions with trainer Tee Sorge.

And we believe her.

There she is, exiting an LA eatery Friday evening. We LOVE Christina's little black, knit beret. Very sexy + glam!! This ain't your Mama's 70's grammy beret.

This looks HOT! And you can copy her classic look, too, with a cropped, black blazer, white tee, skinny jeans, hot shoes AND a pretty, black open-knit beret!

We found a copy-cat beret here on Amazon for just $7.95!!! We ADORE the black knit beret! Would you rock the look this fall?

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julie600 said...

Great post! Thanx!
Big fan of Christina.
I want this beret!!!