Friday, January 24, 2014

J'Adore Dior? Maybe Not When Kim Kardashian 'Krops' The 'Krap' Out Of Dior Dress

The classic luxury of Dior fashion does not appear to include a crop top + skirt combo.

But that's exactly what television's most famous reality star decided to do to a pale pink, lacey Dior dress for her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night.

So, ladies---Do you J'Adore Kim's Dior?!

As lovely as Kim Kardashian is, curves + all, we are not sure that crop tops + pencil skirts are well-suited for such a short woman. We DO like the necklace + shoes + sleek hair.

We are NOT saying the new mama isn't in good shape, because she appears to be. It all comes down to proportion for perfect fashion sense. And in this case, we are NOT j'adoring this Dior.

Crop tops + pencil skirt combos look better on taller, skinnier women. And yes, younger women, we might add. Kim's only 33, so that wouldn't apply in her case, in our humble opinion .

In fact, younger, taller K-sister, Khloe, put on a similar, Kim K crop top + skirt combo recently. We think Khloe wore it better, because of her longer body.
Kim has leaned toward a more European fashion style since hooking up with fiance Kanye West. And the reality starlet REALLY adores, or j'adores her crop top + skirt combos Take a look!
Will you rock a sexy crop top + skirt , Kardashian style in 2014?


Anonymous said...

DON'T like this look on any K sister. They don't have the bodies for fashion runway looks. Except Kendall can wear it. Their figures are way too bulky...LOL

kelsi!! said...

My sister wears the crop look snd shr looks pretty in them. I.m too petite for it. If my leg were longer I would try it because I do like it

Anonymous said...

Hey Kim--You were able to make Dior look trashy for once.