Saturday, January 25, 2014

LeAnn Rimes Looks Prettier In Softer Lighter Lipstick----Goth Is Not her Friend..

Singer LeAnn Rimes has been hitting the celebrity music circuit this week for the pre-Grammy events. And she's been gracing the red carpet in some show-stopping numbers.

The only beauty faux pas the talented star made was in her choice of lipstick on Thursday at the Billboard "2014 Power 100" Night.

LeAnn squeezed into a sexy black leather mini.

Of course, dark or goth lips go hand-in-hand with bad-ass rock n roll + black leather.

At the moment, dark burgundy lipstick is super hot! But just because the shade is IN, does NOT mean every gal can pull it off. And for LeAnn, burgundy lips aren't doing her any favors.

We're not trying to pick on LeAnn Rimes. We think she's been upping her fashion/beauty game, and looking great.

We disliked when makeup addict Kim Kardashian sported burgundy lips as a blonde in Paris. Even her deeper olive skin could not make it look pretty.
Now take a peek at the country music darling last night at the MusicCares Person of the Year celebration honoring legend Carole King.

LeAnn changed into 2 very different gowns---one more classic, the other a bit edgy.

And then look at her softer, lighter lipstick in a pinky-nude shade. Gorgeous!

LeAnn appears more natural + attractive with a lighter touch of makeup.  The trendy burgundy lips clash with her creamy, fair complexion.


Anonymous said...

Agree with you 100%. But i dont care about the lipstick--too busy admiring his dimples! HOT!

Sia00vx said...

Yeah will I'm pretty sure that Eddie's nasty ex Brandi can't wear burgundy lipstick either.Why do everyone pick on poor LeAnn?At least she has a real gift of singing.

Anonymous said...

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