Thursday, January 9, 2014

Naughty Naya Rivera Copies Kim Kardashian's Black To Honey Blonde Hair For 2014

All we have to say is, Wow!"
 Take a look at the photos. A picture paints a thousand words, as the old saying goes.
Glee's Naya Rivera must really adore Kim Kardashian's honey blonde hair, because the latina beauty has just pulled a Kardashian.

The star showed it off at the annual People's Choice Awards Show last evening in L.A..

 The hair transformation is pretty amazing. When you think back to how raven-haired both women are naturally, well, you can see the major work that goes into a serious color change.

Naughty Naya. You've ripped off Kim K's new look!

But then again, you could say that Kim K ripped off the glam blonde mane from either Beyonce or Kim's gal-pal Larsa Pippin.

Look below, please:
Hey, lighter locks are BIG beauty news for 2014!! And stylists say that platinum is the bomb for the new year.

If you are fair-haired to begin with, lucky you, because going through a major color transformation can DAMAGE your tresses in a major way.

That is why wealthy women like the ones all pictured here, leave the peroxide mess to the pros.

Kim K's colorist George Papanikolas
revealed this to

"If you have dark hair, and you want Kim’s look, you will usually need to lighten your base color, and then get highlights, " George tells EXCLUSIVELY.

"It also usually requires several sessions to get it from dark to light. I never recommend doing it in one session. You get the best results over several months, and you need to factor in the financial and time commitments to maintain a lighter color."

We have naturally raven locks like Kim K + Naya, but we could NOT imagine having to go through a long + expensive process just to achieve that beautiful, blonde mane, month after month.

 Okay, ladies...

Would you lighten up your dark hair for 2014?


Anonymous said...

Hilarious post! LOved it! What a bunch of sad copycats. MEOW!!

Miami-Mama said...

Sorry but Larsa Pippen looks gorgeous out of all of them!

jjinfl said...

I know Naya looks lots like Kim here in the photo but in other pics she resembles J.LO.

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