Sunday, January 19, 2014

Trying To Hide Imperfections? Put On Miracle Blur--More Than A Primer

Okay.....we all respond differently to makeup + skin care products.

Some women say it WORKS, while others claim it DOES NOT!

We have come to learn, that it is good to keep sampling various beauty products, and when your skin finds a great one, then that's half the battle.

Today, we are looking at L'Oreal's Revitalift Miracle Blur.

The print ads are effective, because the stuff promises to be an "instant skin smoother." Plus it, "erases the look of lines, pores and wrinkles in seconds." 30 seconds, that is!

Alright, that's quite the high-performing beauty item!

So, what is Miracle Blur?

You can find a small tube of it at your local CVS. It's not cheap at $24.99, but compared to a lot of primers, it's a decent deal. We suppose you could call this product a moisturizing primer of sorts. It is designed around the art of skin smoothing. It gives the face + neck a more airbrushed appearance.
And who doesn't desire that?!

 Check out L'Oreal Paris' video on Revitalift Miracle Blur. Click here.

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