Friday, January 31, 2014

Kim, Khloe + Kourtney Keep 'Kashing' In With New Line Of Gold-Plated Aviator Sunglasses

Kim, Khloe + Kourtney keep on keeping on!

Although TV ratings for the new E! 9th season of Keeping up with the Kardashians are down, that isn't stopping the K-sisters from 'kashing' in on some still wonderful opportunities.

These savvy businesswomen are at it, again. This time, Kim, Khloe + Kourtney are selling a new limited edition line of gold-plated aviators.

Smart girls. The aviator style is classic and will NEVER go out of fashion. So many celebs wear aviators, like Gisele Bunchen, Angelina Jolie, Nicole Richie, and so on. We have written about the aviator lens tons of times here at

Iconic American sportswear designer Michael Kors says that aviators are the key to a glam, classic sense of style.

"Aviator Sunglasses make any outfit sexy," Michael Kors says.

We happen to agree 100%.
These luxury shades from the Kardashian Kollection are NOT cheap. A pair will run you $249 plus FREE shipping worldwide.

Are you going to keep up?

Check out these cool aviators with the KK logo!


andlizzie said...

These look nice because they are over-sized aviators. But I can't afford the high price. Sigh----

Norma in Lakewood said...

Not sure I would waste my $$ on cheap-looking KK aviators. I woudl rther have real Ray Bans.

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