Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Blac Chyna Gives Great Demo On Applying False Lashes

We were reading and reading beauty stuff, and stumbled on to the beauty website of Brittny Gastineau, called EyeOnGlam.com, and found this little nugget of faux lash wisdom.

We LOVE to see beauty demos, and Blac Chyna does a wonderful job showing Brittny how to put false lashes on the BEST way..

Blac Chyna has her signature line called LASHED by Blac Chyna.

She has Brittny wearing her Tokyo lashes.  These are fancy + sexy, and Blac Chyna has them on SALE, down to $6.99 a pair. Check them out LashedBar.

"Tokyo eyelashes are made with human hair to give you a thick base and design to get you that Chyna Doll look .... This is designed to give you that dramatic look !"

To watch the YouTube demo with Blac Chyna + Brittny, click here. Hey, both ladies are BFFs with Kim Kardashian, who is QUEEN of the false lashes parade, so we think they know what they're doing.