Monday, December 8, 2014

Zosia Mamet Asks for Attention In Aging, Dyed Silver Hair

Sometimes you just ask WHY?

Zosia Mamet, star of television's "The Girls," showed up on the red carpet of the movie premiere, "A Most Violent Year" on Sunday night, looking a lot older than her young 26 years.

Yep...the actress appeared to be in her 50s, as she debuted newly dyed, silver or gray hair. got Zosia a bit of attention, but she looked well, old or older but with wrinkle-free, smooth skin.

When you are young and certainly in your 20s, it's FUN to go CRAZY with kooky beauty/fashion looks. So, at her youth, maybe Zosia is saying:

"Gray hair....Don't care!"

It's just silly. Same with the lilac locks + blue-toned mane on Kelly Osbourne + Nicole Richie.

We think Zosia looks lovely with lighter but blonder hair, even with the heavy, dark roots

Maybe we're envious, because we went gray in our 20s like Jennifer Lopez has admitted. And some of us spend lots of $$$ + time trying to  HIDE the silver.

But if you are HOT on this silver hair trend and want to go for it solo at home, then check out YouTube. We found this demo by Nicole Skyes.

Good luck!

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